NYC Tattoo Artist NYARTMAN - New York City's Inkslinging Superhero

After tattooing professionally in New York City for 22 years, NYARTMAN moved his headquarters to the First Hill section of Seattle, WA. If you're in sunny Seattle area and are itching to get inked, you can either email NYARTMAN here or through this Washington based website Washington Custom Tattoos.

If you are unable to have your tattoo done by NYARTMAN at his Seattle location, John Reardon, Paul Booth and Anil Gupta are the only artists in the NYC area that NYARTMAN feels comfortable recommending. Their styles are distinctly different but they are all top notch artists with a couple of decades experience each. 

 NYC tattoo artist...Illustrator... Genius... Superhero and Commander in Chief in the underground art revolution, Jeremy Garrett is NYARTMAN! Marvel at the twisted reality of his work.

Garrett is an award winning underground professional illustrator, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the international renowned School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan. He majored in Illustration and Comic Design and after graduation established Black Work Studio, a gritty illustration studio and gallery in a colorful part of New York City known as the East Village, specifically in Alphabet City, off Avenue A on East 12th Street.  He then moved his headquarters to the deep dark canyons of Gotham, over by the Port Authority Bus Terminal where Time Square, Hell's Kitchen and the Fashion District fuse.


nyartmaninkslingerlowrescropedNew York City Tattoo artist NYARTMAN, is one of America's top tattoo artists, offering the ultimate quality in precision custom tattooing; such as the one tattooed on Dave McCrory that WOW'ed Stan Lee, the Marvel Comic legendJosh Steely, lead guitarist for Daughtry, knows Jeremy is the artist to trust when you have a tattoo that is in desperate need of make over. Also, be sure to read the featured FOX News interview they did with NYARTMAN.

Being a self driven maniac, his artistic goal is to help define underground art while continuing to be a front runner in the movement! NYARTMAN believes that artists who make up this small but diverse band are some of America's best creative talent. Look around and notice how comics have turned into blockbuster sensations virtually overnight! All the while tattoo designs have been transformed to high fashion and graffiti art has seduced everything it's touched. It is evident that the brazen American underground art scene is the inspirational spirit influencing the rest of the art world and NYARTMAN is leading the charge.

NYARTMAN is NYC's best kept secret in the tattooing world and the best place to get that unique custom tattoo you've always dreamt of! In a city that has more tattoo parlors than pizza shops don't settle for poor service from some unmotivated tattooist full of attitude. Do what astute and discriminating collectors do and get yours done by NYARTMAN. Fully licensed by the New York City Department of Health, you will not find a more qualified artist with a broader range of expertise and determination who will surpass your expectations.

Since the first time Garrett applied his superhuman illustration skills to the flesh, back in Manhattan in 1992, he has been inundated with those who are dissatisfied with the typical tattoo parlor experience. He, like many of NYC's famous tattoo artists, paid his dues pumping out ink faster than a squid on crack over on St. Mark's, in the East Village. When tattooing became legal in New York City in February of 1997 he officially made this medium available at Black Work Studio. Japanese GQ magazine wrote, "It's where real New Yorker's go for tattooing".

GQ Magazine ArticleWhether you're looking for one of a kind custom, Japanese sleeve, fine line jewel, tribal, Celtic, bio mechanical, blackwork, portrait work, Gothic nightmare, bright color bomb, colorful new school or old school tattoo, you won't find a more skilled artist! NYARTMAN is able to do it all with exacting detail. Bottom line, he prefers to work on a more personal level with his clients, finding out precisely what they want and doing fantastic custom work that often exceeds their expectations. Garrett offers nearly two decades of experience producing clean, high quality tattoos.

If you have a old tattoo that isn't quite what you had in mind or doesn't go with the stylistic direction that you are aiming for, well you're in luck. NYARTMAN is a cover up master. Too often a bad tattoo can easily become an even worse looking tattoo by having it covered up or touched up by a tattooist who is not qualified to do the work. Don't be too quick to let any tattoo artist attempt to cover up your old tattoo. A bad cover up job can be even more disappointing than the original tattoo and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in laser surgery. You can see some spectacular cover up work by visiting NYARTMAN's gallery page.

NYARTMAN uses only sterile equipment and new needles every time and works in a clean and relaxed private illustration studio not some sketchy tattoo parlor. Whether you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Da Bronx or are visiting New York, NYARTMAN is your friendly neighborhood body artist.

NYARTMAN's Black Work Studio in the flesh.

NYARTMAN's Black Work Studio in the flesh is where imagery and style meets imagination. Step into the twisted reality that dwells within us all and make your fantasies come to life through the ancient art form of tattooing. If you would like more information on NYARTMAN read his artist's biography and of course if you are interested in commissioning him for illustration or design work contact him today. Black Work Studio has grown into one of Manhattan's most respected commercial art studios and NYARTMAN would like to thank you, the coolest patrons in the world.

The view outside Black Work Studio in Manhattan on West 39th Street.

The view outside Black Work Studio in Manhattan on West 39th Street,

Gotham City outside NYARTMAN's headquarters on West 39th Street.

Gotham City outside NYARTMAN's headquarters on West 39th Street.