Flash Designs

Thanks to NYARTMAN's badass clients, he now only does 100% custom tattoos. Most of the custom work he does is based on his client's interests and ideas drawn in NYARTMAN's unique American Underground style. Although Garrett broke his teeth tattooing typical tattoo parlor flash, he no longer copies the work of other artist.


The custom work that NYARTMAN does is first fully conceptualized using the standard professional illustrator's design process. This insures that the art will fit the area where the tattoo was intended. His client's are able to see from the design how the tattoo will look before it is placed and tattooed. This process takes a great deal of time, is not a free service and must be paid in advance.


Garrett also has a large collection of pre-drawn tattoo designs he has designed over the years. If a custom design is not in your budget you can choose from one of his custom flash designs to help save some cash.


Whether you would like to have an custom NYARTMAN tattoo or get one of his original flash designs tattooed contact him today to schedule a consultation appointment.