Plagiarist Hall of Shame

If you like my work and for whatever reason you choose not to have me do the actual tattoo for you, please don't ask the tattooist you go to to copy my work. I completely understand using other artist's work for reference, I do it all of the time but I don't out right copy other people's work. I'm a custom tattoo artist and my clients invest a great deal of time and money when they decide to have me do a one of a kind, original piece for them.  If you can't travel to my studio but would still like to have a NYARTMAN custom tattoo e-mail me with the details and I can design a custom piece for you online.

Copying my work only cheapens your tattoo and the tattooist doing the work, especially when the tattooist doesn't give credit where credit is due. Don't just steal my designs, that's just not cool. Shoot me an email and ask before you post it and while you're at it offer to post a little link back to my site crediting me with the original design.  That would be appreciated and it's the right thing to do. Otherwise , when I find out I'll post you here for the world to see in the "Plagiarist Hall of Shame".