The Tramp Stamp Conspiracy

Tattooists are like bartenders.  We hear things... sometimes we sit for hours on end listening and conversing with our clients.  For me this is one of my favorite things about the tattooing business.  For the most part tattooed people are gloriously cool, interesting people and I really enjoy getting to know my clients on a deeper level.  One topic that has come up a lot is the "tramp stamp" tattoo.  If you don't know by now this is a tattoo that's done on a woman's lower back, although I suppose it could also be applicable to a man, but I digress.  I started hearing this term being tossed around about five or six years ago.  To be honest, I've never liked the term and try to never use it.  It actually annoys the hell out of me.

I know the world is on edge to find out what NYARTMAN thinks, so let me get right to it.  Here's the deal, any tattooists worth his salt understands that when designing a tattoo for a client one of the main goals is to ensure that the design works well and flows with the curves and muscle structure of the location on the body where the tattoo is to be placed.  If this is not taken into consideration the tattoo will look like a sticker slapped on a steamer trunk.  There are few places on a woman's body where a tattoo will look sexier than the lower back.  If designed properly, a lower back tattoo can accentuate the feminine form and be very alluring.  The area also has the added benefit of not typically being adversely affected by stretch marks that can occur after giving birth.

Oh yeah, ladies have you heard the news? Getting a tattoo along the side of your ribs is quickly being labeled as, get this... the "New Tramp Stamp".  Guess what?  Pretty soon if you're a woman and you have a tattoo anywhere well.... that means you must be a tramp.   What an original concept!  I've seen more women in the past few years get both arms sleeved before they'll have their lower back tattooed simply because they don't want someone to say they have a "tramp stamp".  This is just freaking asinine.  Don't misunderstand me, I don't think there's anything wrong with women getting full sleeve tattoos, which can also look really nice. But seriously ladies, your lower back is prime tattooing real estate for accentuating your femininity.

It's my theory that the name "tramp stamp" had to have been coined by some over protective, puritanical, tight ass who has been overwhelmed by the ever increasing acceptance and prominence of tattooing around the world.  Or by a bunch of insecure guys who can't handle other dudes looking at their girl's backside. Now that more and more women are rocking full sleeves and looking mighty sexy in the process, I wouldn't be surprised to hear full sleeve tattoos being called "slut sleeves" or some other crap like that by a bunch of wack, J.Crew wearing douchebags.

Think for yourself and get tattooed with whatever you want, wherever you want it and forget what these Martha Stewart jerkoffs say.  If you're the type to get a tattoo, do you really give a shit what they think anyway?  Ladies, tattoos and freedom go hand in hand.  Live your life on your terms and the next time you hear someone refer to a tattoo as a tramp stamp, tell these mental midget conformists to shut their freaking quiche-eating pie holes and then bitchslap the hell out of them.  It's time to stop using this stupid term and re-brand it.  Long live the "My tattooed ass is better looking than your bony butt tattoo" and yes, honey, it deserves to be decorated.