NYC Tattoo Artist NYARTMAN - New York City's Inkslinging Superhero

After tattooing professionally in New York City for 22 years, NYARTMAN moved his headquarters to the First Hill section of Seattle, WA. If you're in sunny Seattle area and are itching to get inked, you can either email NYARTMAN here or through this Washington based website Washington Custom Tattoos.

If you are unable to have your tattoo done by NYARTMAN at his Seattle location, John Reardon, Paul Booth and Anil Gupta are the only artists in the NYC area that NYARTMAN feels comfortable recommending. Their styles are distinctly different but they are all top notch artists with a couple of decades experience each. 

 NYC tattoo artist...Illustrator... Genius... Superhero and Commander in Chief in the underground art revolution, Jeremy Garrett is NYARTMAN! Marvel at the twisted reality of his work.

Garrett is an award winning underground professional illustrator, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the international renowned School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan. He majored in Illustration and Comic Design and after graduation established Black Work Studio, a gritty illustration studio and gallery in a colorful part of New York City known as the East Village, specifically in Alphabet City, off Avenue A on East 12th Street.  He then moved his headquarters to the deep dark canyons of Gotham, over by the Port Authority Bus Terminal where Time Square, Hell's Kitchen and the Fashion District fuse.


nyartmaninkslingerlowrescropedNew York City Tattoo artist NYARTMAN, is one of America's top tattoo artists, offering the ultimate quality in precision custom tattooing; such as the one tattooed on Dave McCrory that WOW'ed Stan Lee, the Marvel Comic legendJosh Steely, lead guitarist for Daughtry, knows Jeremy is the artist to trust when you have a tattoo that is in desperate need of make over. Also, be sure to read the featured FOX News interview they did with NYARTMAN.

Being a self driven maniac, his artistic goal is to help define underground art while continuing to be a front runner in the movement! NYARTMAN believes that artists who make up this small but diverse band are some of America's best creative talent. Look around and notice how comics have turned into blockbuster sensations virtually overnight! All the while tattoo designs have been transformed to high fashion and graffiti art has seduced everything it's touched. It is evident that the brazen American underground art scene is the inspirational spirit influencing the rest of the art world and NYARTMAN is leading the charge.

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We all made mistakes in our lives and most of the time we can move on from these mistakes.  Mistakes made in ink can be permanent.  My tattoo was embarrassing, not well thought out, not properly done and not done by a professional.  

I was looking for the best cover up artist in the WORLD and I found the NY Artman, Jeremy Garrett!  I wanted raw talent, a true artist and someone who had my best interest at heart.  After my consultation I just knew I found it all and I just knew Jeremy would deliver.

I couldn't wait to see the sketch and he didn't make we wait long.  I won't lie, I almost died when I saw the size of the piece but Jeremy was super confident and patient with me!  The drawing was so me, so my personality.  Once the stencil was on I was ready to move forward!  The stencil on my arm alone was perfect and the placement unbelievable. Jeremy's attention to detail and dedication to get it just right is dynamic. The outline is flawless, shading is top-shelf and color superb (really unlike anything I ever seen)!  I got a beautiful tattoo that is truly amazing!  You can't see a trace of my old tattoo, most people don't even remember my old tattoo when they see this amazing work of art.  And I must admit, I am loving the attention I am getting from it too

Jeremy is a great guy, easy to get along with, knows how to calm and make you feel comfortable, a true stand up professional!  The studio is immaculate and Jeremy creates such a relaxing environment.  I loved going in for my sessions, Jeremy would get just as excited as I did as he checked out his work from the session before. Nothing like an artist that pushes himself to excel! I made a great friend and had a blast.

Hands down Jeremy Garrett is super-talented and the best cover up tattoo artist in the WORLD!

- Margaret C.



Recently, I received a tattoo from a known and trusted local artist.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the outcome.  It is not a good feeling to have something permanent on your body that you absolutely dislike and do not resonate with.  Almost immediately I started looking for a cover up artist.  I began to feel like all of the work I was seeing looked the same...until I came across NYartman.
I contacted Jeremy and set up an appointment.  He responded quickly via email and was sympathetic to my situation.  He took the time to look at what I wanted and proceeded to resurrect an eyesore into a true work of art.  I flew half way across the country to have Jeremy work on me and I'd do it a New York minute!

- Anna J.



After months of research, I came across Jeremy’s website and just fell in love with his work. I immediately scheduled a consultation experience and upon meeting Jeremy I just knew he was the tattoo artist for me. He asked what I wanted to have done and all said to him was “I want a kick-ass Griffin done in your style and you can have my whole back for your canvass”.  Once Jeremy had the design ready I went in for my first session and I was just blown away by the piece he had created, truly a one of a kind masterpiece. I spent the next 6 months hanging out with Jeremy as he created a masterpiece on my back and each session was a personalized experience that was filled with great music, fun conversations, and awesome artwork. When people see the Griffin that Jeremy created they are just speechless and rave about the amount of detail that was put into the piece.  I had an amazing tattoo experience with NYARTMTAN and Jeremy will be the only tattoo artist I will ever go to!  If anyone is looking for a one of a kind tattoo experience I would highly recommend visiting NYARTMAN!

- Robert Bernier



I manage the international Rock and Roll band, Deep Purple, and live very close to NY so I see a lot of Tattoos and finally decided I wanted one... so on the road I got a small piece on my ankle... ok but not great... Got it in Singapore from what was meant to be the best there... it was ok but not great... so I had it fixed in Cape Town with the best there... ok not great.. got back to NY and everybody said the best here is Jeremy Garrett. So called him... made a appointment and the rest was great.  I then had him do another tattoo for me.  I am 60 years old and not all that interested in motorcycle tats. I want real art and he is without a doubt the best. In my opinion anyone can do motorcycle art, everybody does it, but I wanted something different and got it, ultra clean. If there was such a thing as Kosher Tattoos it would be this clean. I could not be happier with the job Jeremy did or the care that went into it.

-Bruce Payne, Manager of Deep Purple



I recently visited NYC for just a day and really wanted to get a tattoo. Being in a touring rock band gives me very little time to find a great artist. After calling a few shops I could find no one interested until I called Jeremy the NYARTMAN! As soon as we spoke I knew he is an artist who cares about his craft. After visiting his website and seeing his credentials I felt honored that he juggled his schedule to help me get the piece I was hoping for. His professionalism and demeanor are at the top of the bar. His artwork is world class, and the prices very reasonable. No longer will I search for an artist on the east coast again!

- Josh Steely, Guitarist from Daughtry



I came to Jeremy earlier this year looking to cover up an old tattoo from several decades ago. My old tattoo was not very well done. Live and learn; this time, I wasn't some stupid kid blindly trusting anyone with a needle and some ink . I did a fair amount of due diligence to ensure I now would do it right. After meeting Jeremy, I was certain that he was the right artist. Not only did he have an amazing portfolio, but it was immediately apparent to me that he was a consummate professional and had a true passion for what he was doing. At each step of the process, from design to the last session (6 in all), he was simply great! I had a vague idea of what I wanted (I'm no artist), but Jeremy was able to take my dragon concept and shape it into an image that not only embodied my thoughts, but fit the contour, shape and size of my body - perfectly. What impressed me is that he accomplished this while covering up the old tattoo, but not letting this interfere with the overall design and beauty of the new tattoo. I spent many hours with him and truly enjoyed our conversations. The final product is beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I swim several times a week and can't recount how many times people have stopped me to ask me about my tattoo. I have already told my oldest son (who's over 21) that if he is ever considering a tattoo, I will pay for it, but only if he goes to NY to see Jeremy.

- Jon Grisham



In the eighteenth century, Alexander Pope said, “to err is human”.  300 years later, I would stumble into a local tattoo parlor and walk out with a shoddy depiction of a stupid idea, and prove him right once more.  In spite of being an educated and typically not impulsive consumer, I had become a statistic:  another twenty-something with a really dumb tattoo.

Doing things the wrong way had taught me a lot about the value of doing them the right way.  In my search for the right artist to fix my youthful mistakes, I spoke with employees at some of the most prominent tattoo shops in the tri-state area.  None of them seemed to be quite what I was looking for.

One New Jersey artist who came highly recommended suggested covering my leg in an all black tribal tattoo.  An employee at one of Manhattan’s premier studios offered, “we might be able to do some roses or something.” Somehow, covering one tattoo I hated with another just seemed counterintuitive.

When I first met Jeremy Garrett, he caught me off guard when, instead of telling me what he could do, he asked what I wanted.  He seemed unfazed by my suggestion, and I’ll admit, I was a bit taken aback by his sheer confidence that he could do what other artists simply couldn’t.

Jeremy began his work shortly after our first meeting, and it wasn’t long before he was dragging his needles across my skin.  Tattooing, as anyone who has been under the needle knows, is a slow and painful process.  However, Jeremy goes to great lengths to ensure that his customers are comfortable.  He maintains an extremely clean environment and is refreshingly down to earth.

Whether it is your first tattoo or your hundredth, you won’t get any of the typical tattoo parlor attitude that has become so thoroughly embedded in the modern tattoo culture.  On the contrary, Jeremy is happy to discuss his methods, the merits of different types of ink, how he selects his needles, eastern philosophy, motorcycles, movies, or anything else that may come up during the tattoo process.  I was happy to find that after each session, I left knowing a bit more than I did when I had arrived.

Just a few sessions after our first meeting, with my leg raw and trembling, I looked at what the self-proclaimed super hero had etched into my flesh.  Amazed at the finished product, I spent several minutes searching for some trace of my old tattoo.  Jeremy’s work doesn’t look like a cover-up tattoo.  He sacrifices neither artistry nor quality out of necessity.  As a customer, I was impressed with his talent, ingenuity, attention to detail, and dedication to getting it “just right”.

In the nearly six months since the piece was completed, Jeremy’s work has attracted a great deal of attention.  I’ve heard everything from “it’s like they make tattoos in HD now!” to “damn, son, did you see that white boy’s leg?” and back again.   Jeremy has turned a tattoo I was ashamed of into a viable way to meet women while wearing gym shorts, and for that I am grateful.

For anyone considering a tattoo, I would recommend Jeremy ahead of any other artists I have previously worked with.  Jeremy Garrett is leagues ahead of most, and I am proud to carry a piece of his artwork with me.

- Kyle Y


Well, about two months ago I told my wife I want to go to New York and get a famous artist to do a piece on me. Being a tattooist my self I began my search for an artist with the style that I was looking for, I could have chosen any of the top name artist in NY, money was no object. It should never be when searching for the best tattoo for you. I looked at all the artists and all the styles from all over NY.  When I saw Jeremy's website when i was just poking around online, I told my wife, "Hunny I found what I'm looking for" and I was right. I'm a very demanding person when it comes to tattoos but with Jeremy I gave him very little  direction to work with, I wanted something from his imagination and not something that I thought up cause I already have tons of my own art and ideas on me. To make a long story not quite as long he is the man to see in NY for all your custom tattooing and I believe I made a good friend in the tattooing and art industry.  Thanks again.

- Clinton Stevenson, Tattoo Artist



My first interactions with NYARTMAN (Jeremy Garrett) began when my fiance told me what she got for my birthday. I had been talking about my plan to get a tattoo of a shark smoking a joint for a couple of years, so Kat(my fiance) decided it was time to find out if I was serious. She found Jeremy online and set up a consultation with him about my surprise gift. Just like that, with only the words Shark, Joint and Ocean to work with, Jeremy began sketching.

At this point I had never met Jeremy, so I decided to check out his website. I was instantly blown away when I saw some of his recent works. So, without further delay, I emailed NYARTMAN, telling him how much I liked his style and that I couldn't wait to see what he had in mind for the tattoo. I also mentioned that I had lots of ideas, but I didn't want to mess with his creative process. I did, however, mention as a fun fact that male sharks have two penises. Jeremy responded with four words: "TWO DICKS COMING UP!"

This is where I began to panic. I wasn't scheduled to see the drawing for two weeks!! All I could picture was a tattoo of a tiny shark with two giant hard-ons. Needless to say, this was the longest two weeks of my life. My hair turned gray and I went blind in one eye from the stress but when the wait was over I couldn't have been happier with the sketch. No giant erections. It's like he reached into my brain, pulled out the tattoo I imagined, beat the shit out of it, and forced it to be awesome. BAM! In a blur of ink, electricity, and pain WEEDSHARK was born!

Aside from being, hands down, the most talented skin artist and ink sadist in NYC, Jeremy Garrett is also an incredibly laid back guy who will make you feel at home in his studio. If you want quality ink, attention to detail, and a skilled artist who cares about how your tattoo turns out, pay a visit to Jeremy. You will not regret it.

- Pat



I've always been a fan of fine art tattooing for as long as I can remember.  At 16yrs old I made the mistake of getting tattooed on a whim and also being intoxicated, I ended with up a tattoo I did not like.  For the next 31yrs I lived with my mistake, until I found NYARTMAN. Although I reside in Australia, Jeremy worked with me personally on what I wanted to achieve and on my arrival to NY, NYARTMAN free handed a tattoo over the old existing tattoo that I had lived with for years.  It was hard for me to realize what the final result was going to be only seeing lines drawn on top of the old tattoo but I trusted Jeremy and he gave me the confidence in proceeding and seeing it through to the end.  What a result, he exceeded any expectations I had by leaving me with a tattoo that I'm proud off.  NYARTMAN is a true artist who I would recommend in an instance if you are thinking of getting tattooed.  I know he will be the only tattoo artist who will ever ink me again.

- Chris S.


I would highly recommend to anyone contemplating a tattoo that they have their work done by Jeremy, the person who placed the first and, as of this point, only ink on my body.  Jeremy is first and foremost a highly talented visual artist and this shows in the amazing detail which bring his pieces to life.  I have a passion for snorkeling with hawksbill sea turtles and had a fantasy of having one tattooed on my foot.  Jeremy’s design was everything I could have hoped for and more.  We decided to change the location of the tat to my arm to preserve the detail in his I dream of a small school of tropical fish swimming up my foot.  Strangers stop me to ask about my piece.  Even people who hate tattoos have to admit it’s a beautiful work of art. I couldn’t be more pleased and am so grateful that something I will live with for so long is so beautiful and is the fruition of my dreams.  Thank You Jeremy!  (It goes without saying and yet must be said, Jeremy is the consummate professional, Hyper-Clean, and his studio is private and his music is fabulous.  It goes to show you, magic can happen even in sterile conditions.

- Penny G.


I'm extremely happy with the work Jeremy did for me it is pure fucking QUALITY!!!! His studio is clean relaxed and private totally a different experience to any where else I got work done. He's a real nice guy and has great taste in music to boot.

- Stuart M.



I absolutely love the work I got done with NYARTMAN. He transformed the basic, boring tattoo I had on my ankle into an intricate and attractive work of art that everyone stops to look at. It was everything I was going for and more. He made the tattoo look better than I ever expected. He is a true artist and has the ability to make things look 3D, well shaded and complex. He is very talented and has a great skill of tattooing pieces that are very well designed and flow well with each individual's body type.

The tattoo on my ankle took about five hours to complete, and he kept me entertained the entire time. He is very friendly and personable, and this made the experience so much easier. He is truly concerned with satisfying his costumers. He asked for my opinion as we went along and improvised aspects of the tattoo.

I was extremely satisfied with the entire process, and I would recommend him to anyone that wants a great looking one of a kind tattoo.

- Courtney D.


Jeremy Garrett, a.k.a. NYARTMAN, is the premier custom tattoo artist in NYC! I turned to Jeremy for help with a 10-year-old tribal tattoo that I had outgrown and wanted desperately to cover up. I visited several other New York area artists prior to finding Jeremy's website and was told that either a cover-up was impossible or that I'd have to choose a design that I was uncomfortable with. After a short consultation with Jeremy, I knew that I had found the right guy. His artistic ability is matched only by his down to earth personality. This guy is no elitist. He takes the time to counsel his clients by explaining the possibilities and limitations of a certain type of tattoo and then works tirelessly to create a unique piece of art that not only looks great, but is meaningful to the client as well. Getting a tattoo, especially a cover up, is extremely stressful but Jeremy makes the process a lot easier. He remains focused on the best interest of the client and is able to create a one of a kind masterpiece. If you're looking for a custom tattoo and a truly professional artist, look no further than Jeremy Garrett!

- Frank V.


My experience with NYARTMAN was an absolute pleasure. He was professional and courteous. His work is nothing short of remarkable. His shop was very clean and hygienic and at first you arrive he makes you feel like you made the right choice by choosing him. He can make your mental sketches look like a da Vinci work of art, he his detailed, methodical and his color schemes are miraculous, no matter your complexion. But don't take my word for it, just check out my boy Jeremy Garret a.k.a.  NYARTMAN and see what miracle he could create with your thoughts over two cups of fruit punch...I'm sure you won't be disappointed, I wasn't.

- C. Francis
SGT, United States Army
Administrative Analyst/Technician


After a very brief description of what I wanted (cherry blossoms and waves) Jeremy designed this amazing piece of Art. I loved it the minute I saw it. Since I was only visiting New York he had to do the piece on one day which took 6 hours and pain aside I really enjoyed the experience. Jeremy was very professional and efficient plus a great conversation partner.

I really got a beautiful, totally personal tattoo and I am sure his art will have a lot of people finding him, who want only the best like me.

Hey Jeremy. Thanks for making me famous...Back to Austria and very happy with the tattoo. It's healing nicely.

- Barbara


I am really happy with the way Jeremy took a few words that I emailed him and created this cool, one of a kind Australian piece for me. I had not seen the design until I arrived in New York and was very happy with what I saw when Jeremy showed it to me. The flow, design, detail and originality are all excellent and I'm so stoked to take such a unique tattoo back to Australia. We did the whole tattoo in one session which was a great effort and Jeremy did a good job of keeping things as fun as it can be when you have a needle grinding away at your skin for so long.

- Sam a.k.a. Aussie Man


Jeremy is a talent. My research for my first tattoo had me walk away from tattoo shops in the city. The second I encountered Jeremy I knew he was an artist with passion. This was key for me in trusting someone to do my tattoo. Not a doubt crossed my mind when I was ready for my back piece. Nothing but the best can be expected from Jeremy. Doesn’t hurt that he’s damn interesting to talk to during your sit down!

- Brian


It was a pleasure and an honor to have NYARTMAN design and tattoo my first piece. He came highly recommended from a Soldier buddy of mine and I'm glad I made the decision to contact him. I notified him that I was on leave from Iraq and he decided to see me despite the short notice. It was definitely a pleasant experience and I look forward to getting more work done by him upon my return in the near future. His Dedication and Professionalism brings great credit upon himself and the Art community as a whole. I salute you Mr. NYARTMAN!    Hoahhhh!

- SGT Jordan


I had been searching for almost 3 years for the right "Artist" to slay this piece. When I came across Jeremy I knew the search was finally over. He knew exactly what I envisioned and when I came in to look at his sketch I was blown away. I was even more impressed by his professionalism, conversation and overall attitude (or lack of one I should say). Don't be stupid. If you want a sick, custom tattoo without all the pretense, just go see NYArtman. You will NOT regret it!

- Ramon Lopez II


First tattoo. Hurt like hell. NYARTMAN made the process as 'painless' as humanly possible. Jeremy worked with me on the design (and for a novice like me, it took some handholding!) and really knew what to do, to calm, relax, to make the whole thing less scary. Came off as a complete professional in every aspect of the process. Now I have a hot, sexy tattoo and love the work. I'm really happy.

- Holly Poirier


There are no words to express how happy I am with the end results of this amazing tattoo! Jeremy is a rare find of a tattoo artist that actually takes "PRIDE" in his work! This tattoo symbolizes something very dear and important to me and Jeremy was able to capture this on his very first try! In an era of tattoo artists that expect you to pick something off the wall because of sheer lack of creativity, it was refreshing to find this "ARTIST" willing to put in the work on something that will be with you forever.

- Peter C.



I had an idea for my tattoo about 2 years ago. I searched all over the web and books for pictures and images of angels. Once I found the one I wanted I went to 8 or 9 other artists all throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. I had each artist draw up my piece and every single one failed to capture my vision miserably. Out of pure luck I stumbled upon NYArtman's work. I brought him my idea (which consisted of a 50 year old blurry photo of my grandmother) in hopes that he can save my tattoo. I was still doubtful, thinking no one I can afford will be able to do such a detailed complex piece....until he showed me the final draft. Almost brought to tears form the beauty of it I knew this was the one. Not only did the tattoo come out remarkable, but so did the experience along with it. The 13 hour process seemed like 2 hours. He offers the true old fashioned tattooing experience that, to me, is a huge part of the art itself. Not only have I found a permanent tattoo guy but I also found a new friend. It is safe to say that NYArtman is one of the best tattoo artist in New York City.

- Gino D.



Man, when I first met Jeremy, I was mad skeptical about his work. But as I got to know the brother and got to see his work in person, I was like, man this dude got some skills with the tattoo gun. So I threw this idea out to him about what I wanted on my back, since I have angels and devils on other parts of my body and he came up with this tight ass drawing. As soon as I saw it, I was blown away. All I did was give him the idea of what I was looking for and he came up with this really tight masterpiece. Some minor adjustments and you can see the end results. This man is a great artist, has mad skills and is a great person to deal with AND he started out in my hood, the L.E.S.

- Arcadio G. Sr.



I looked for 4 long years for the ONE who would bring my piece to life. I been to other tattoo parlors searched countless hours on net when I finally came across Nyartman. At the consultation I absolutely knew he was the man to do exactly what I wanted. Meeting my wife was life changing experience then had my son a year later. Because of my family I'm a changed man. No more smoking or excessive drinking or the like. To show the world my new lease on life I had a certain design I had in mind. After meeting Jeremy he made it come to life and THEN SOME. This man is very humble, so dedicated to his work, that it even surprised me. I found my tattoo artist for life. His studio is very relaxed not like typical other places. So if you want someone to bring your masterpiece to life and to have ANYONE I mean ANYONE stop and stare EVERY single time. Nyartman is the ONLY person to see. God truly gave this man extraordinary skill that none else can match. There my be tons of artist out there, but if you want someone to make your masterpiece into a DAVINCI masterpiece, this God sent is the ONLY one to see. Call for a free consultation, meet the man and see for your self what I'm raving about. It will the best call you will ever make in your life.

- Walter H.



I came to Jeremy to get an awful piece covered up. I had seen a handful of other artists previously and they all said the task was impossible. Jeremy said not only was it possible, but the result would be amazing. He was right. His art is amazing. He is clean, methodical, and worth every penny. Take it from someone who learned the hard way about bad tattoo experiences. Go see Jeremy and get exactly what you want and all your friends will be jealous!

- Julie R.