Stan Lee is WOW'ed by NYARTMAN's Tattoo Work!

At the 15th Emerald City Comicon the Comic Book Godfather, Stan Lee, was introduced to the work of Jeremy Garrett, Gotham's Inkslinging Superhero, donned by tattoo collector, Dave McCrory.  Lee's reaction in one word, "WOW!"

Mr. McCrory stated that Stan Lee and his entourage were very very impressed with the tattoo and he captured the experience in video.

Garrett's reaction? 

"I couldn't be more proud.  I am overjoyed to know The Stan Lee was impressed with my work and even went so far as to sign it.   That is just awesome!  This is a cherished honor.  You've made my daughters very proud of their old man. Thank you Mr. Lee."

- Jeremy Garrett

StanLeeSigned my work lowres

NYARTMAN's Gotham Tattoos is finally up and running.  Unfortunately NYARTMAN is not able to accept walk-in or spur of the moment work and for this reason he as been trying to find a way to serve that market.  Gotham Tattoos was his solution. 

This site is where artists opperating out of NYARTMAN's Black Work Studio create affordable high quality custom tattoos.  The main challenge was finding the right artists who shared the same demanding work ethics and regard for the client as Garrett himself. This was not an easy task.  After a few experiments and weeding out the Priam Donnas, in the end NYARTMAN built his own custom tattooing machine a.k.a. "The Fury".  Yuriy the Fury has been put through a rigorous apprenticeship program, has also been licensed by New York City and has an art degree from Manhattan's famous FIT.  If you're are visiting Gotham and would like to get that spontaneous tattoo but can't get in to see NYARTMAN, no problem, one of the inkslinging superheroes at Gotham Tattoos is always there to serve.  

Here are the qualifications that you can be confident that all the artists at Gotham Tattoos posses:

  • Art degrees from reputable art colleges.
  • New York City tattoo licenses.
  • Superior drawing skills and able to produce same day custom work.
  • A professional positive attitude where our clients and their visions comes first.

If you also posses these qualities and would like to become one of Gotham Tattoos' Inkslinging Superheroes contact NYARTMAN.

Plagiarist Hall of Shame

If you like my work and for whatever reason you choose not to have me do the actual tattoo for you, please don't ask the tattooist you go to to copy my work. I completely understand using other artist's work for reference, I do it all of the time but I don't out right copy other people's work. I'm a custom tattoo artist and my clients invest a great deal of time and money when they decide to have me do a one of a kind, original piece for them.  If you can't travel to my studio but would still like to have a NYARTMAN custom tattoo e-mail me with the details and I can design a custom piece for you online.

Copying my work only cheapens your tattoo and the tattooist doing the work, especially when the tattooist doesn't give credit where credit is due. Don't just steal my designs, that's just not cool. Shoot me an email and ask before you post it and while you're at it offer to post a little link back to my site crediting me with the original design.  That would be appreciated and it's the right thing to do. Otherwise , when I find out I'll post you here for the world to see in the "Plagiarist Hall of Shame".

The Tramp Stamp Conspiracy

Tattooists are like bartenders.  We hear things... sometimes we sit for hours on end listening and conversing with our clients.  For me this is one of my favorite things about the tattooing business.  For the most part tattooed people are gloriously cool, interesting people and I really enjoy getting to know my clients on a deeper level.  One topic that has come up a lot is the "tramp stamp" tattoo.  If you don't know by now this is a tattoo that's done on a woman's lower back, although I suppose it could also be applicable to a man, but I digress.  I started hearing this term being tossed around about five or six years ago.  To be honest, I've never liked the term and try to never use it.  It actually annoys the hell out of me.

I know the world is on edge to find out what NYARTMAN thinks, so let me get right to it.  Here's the deal, any tattooists worth his salt understands that when designing a tattoo for a client one of the main goals is to ensure that the design works well and flows with the curves and muscle structure of the location on the body where the tattoo is to be placed.  If this is not taken into consideration the tattoo will look like a sticker slapped on a steamer trunk.  There are few places on a woman's body where a tattoo will look sexier than the lower back.  If designed properly, a lower back tattoo can accentuate the feminine form and be very alluring.  The area also has the added benefit of not typically being adversely affected by stretch marks that can occur after giving birth.

Oh yeah, ladies have you heard the news? Getting a tattoo along the side of your ribs is quickly being labeled as, get this... the "New Tramp Stamp".  Guess what?  Pretty soon if you're a woman and you have a tattoo anywhere well.... that means you must be a tramp.   What an original concept!  I've seen more women in the past few years get both arms sleeved before they'll have their lower back tattooed simply because they don't want someone to say they have a "tramp stamp".  This is just freaking asinine.  Don't misunderstand me, I don't think there's anything wrong with women getting full sleeve tattoos, which can also look really nice. But seriously ladies, your lower back is prime tattooing real estate for accentuating your femininity.

It's my theory that the name "tramp stamp" had to have been coined by some over protective, puritanical, tight ass who has been overwhelmed by the ever increasing acceptance and prominence of tattooing around the world.  Or by a bunch of insecure guys who can't handle other dudes looking at their girl's backside. Now that more and more women are rocking full sleeves and looking mighty sexy in the process, I wouldn't be surprised to hear full sleeve tattoos being called "slut sleeves" or some other crap like that by a bunch of wack, J.Crew wearing douchebags.

Think for yourself and get tattooed with whatever you want, wherever you want it and forget what these Martha Stewart jerkoffs say.  If you're the type to get a tattoo, do you really give a shit what they think anyway?  Ladies, tattoos and freedom go hand in hand.  Live your life on your terms and the next time you hear someone refer to a tattoo as a tramp stamp, tell these mental midget conformists to shut their freaking quiche-eating pie holes and then bitchslap the hell out of them.  It's time to stop using this stupid term and re-brand it.  Long live the "My tattooed ass is better looking than your bony butt tattoo" and yes, honey, it deserves to be decorated.

I guess, I'm famous now

After almost 20 years of tattooing, it finally happened. I, NYARTMAN, have successfully tattooed my first celebrity.  Lead guitarist for Daughtry, Josh Steely, stormed into town performing with the band to sold out concerts and on daytime talk shows like Live! With Regis and Kelly.Josh steely's whirling dervish tattoo When Josh told me he was the guitarist for Daughtry, I asked him to spell the band's name for me so I could check them out.  He asked me, "So you haven't heard of us?" and I was like "Uuuuh, no".  Then he told me about the connection with American Idol and the Grammys won.  I've never even seen American Idol.  What do you expect, I'm a 24 hour workaholic, tattooing nerd.  I don't even own a TV and the only music I listen to is Jazz, Metal, Blues and Goth/Industrial in about equal parts.  I guess it's safe to say that I'm pretty out of touch with main stream America.

Josh had me work on a couple of pieces for him.  One was a design that he put together of an abstract whirling dervish image with a quote from Rumi's writings: "Why should I seek? I am the same as He. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself!" The other was a lightning fast two and an half hour touch up job on a Buddha piece he had previously done on his forearm.   This piece was really bothering him but I, NYARTMAN, using my superior  meditational  skills on that schmutzed up Buddha was able to bring Josh from samsara to nirvana.  (see below).  If I only had more time, perhaps I could have transformed Josh into the "Tattooed Buddha".  Maybe one day after touring like a mad man he will revisit NYARTMAN, the Tattooing Master of Gotham, for a custom tattoo transformation.

Anyway, I asked Josh, who by the way really is a genuinely nice guy, if he would mind taking a butthole buddies photo with me, which he kindly obliged.  Proof of this monumental occasion had to be documented.  This is the day that, NYARTMAN, King of Gotham City's underground art world became... "Tattoo Artist of the Stars". josh steely of Daughtry and NYARTMANSo watch out Kat Von D, Don Ed Hardy, and Paul Booth I'm coming for ya.  I'm famous now, damn it.  Ya'll best recognize!

"I recently visited NYC for just a day and really wanted to get a tattoo. Being in a touring rock band gives me very little time to find a great artist. After calling a few shops I could find no one interested until I called Jeremy the NYARTMAN! As soon as we spoke I knew he is an artist who cares about his craft. After visiting his website and seeing his credentials I felt honored that he juggled his schedule to help me get the piece I was hoping for. His professionalism and demeanor are at the top of the bar. His artwork is world class, and the prices very reasonable. No longer will I search for an artist on the east coast again!"

- Josh Steely (guitarist from Daughtry)

Since I had the opportunity of tattooing Josh, I've done my homework and now I know... Daughtry kicks ass! Thanks Josh for the confidence you placed in me and for all the kind words.  NYARTMAN wishes you guys the absolute best, knock em dead!

Josh Steely of Daughtry Buddha fix up tattoo.