A Focused Determination

Finally the last of the mighty IE7 bugs were destroyed.  I NYARTMAN was victorious.  It wasn't easy, no, but in the end I buried a metal slug in the IE7 browser's head.  It was a beautiful thing.  Now that I am free from it's evil clutches, my full creative faculties are once again focused on stitching kick ass illustrations into the hides of humanity.

There are a few projects that I'm so excited to finish. One is this crazy griffin back piece.  There's also an insane dragon piece that starts on this guy's back and winds up on his chest.  Hercules' Hydra tattoo by Jeremy GarrettActually there are two projects in the works that fit that description but one is specifically a hydra, the nine headed dragon from Greek mythology.  As a matter of fact you can get a sneak preview by checking out Hercules' photo documentary of the tattoo on his website.

By the way, if you happen to notice any broken links or typo's on NYARTMAN.com please send me an email stating the problem and where you found it.  Feedback is always appreciated.