The new

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new and improved I had a wonderful year and got to work on some very cool tattoo projects. I ,NYARTMAN, Ink Slinging Genius, want to thank all of my righteous clients and supporters for your gracious patronage and the gifts of your first born. On December 24th I released the newly redesigned website to the public. Many new features have been added and navigation of the site is more intuitive. The site is working perfectly except for a couple of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser issues. By the way, NYARTMAN supports the Firefox Internet browser and hopes you will too!


The new functionality of the site makes it easier for me to spout my genius all over you... and I will! So, visit often to see awesome new works posted, my rants and words of glorious wisdom. LOOK OUT, it's all coming your way! Several interactive features have been added, especially in the gallery and more are in the works. A new online shop is on the way where you can order your official NYARTMAN t-shirts and patches directly from the tattooing wizard himself.


You can rest easier at night knowing that NYARTMAN will be focusing his tremendous brain power on making the big 2010 year even better... of course not without the support of you!... my very good looking fans. I appreciate all of you who have linked on your websites and social networking sites, it really helps a great deal. I hope you are all blessed with a healthy and happy 2010 and I look forward to sticking as many of you as I can!


Love always,