Tattoo laser removal or lightening for cover ups

NYARTMAN is a Master of the cover up tattoo. Mistakes sometimes happens and tastes change. NYARTMAN can feed a dead tattoo a new soul by covering it up with a brand new totally custom kick ass design. He can also add on or fix up an existing tattoo. He offers unparalleled quality and service that you will not find from most other tattoo artists at competitive price. Unlike most tattoo artists, he also offer the latest in laser removal therapy using the Q-switched YAG laser system. This is the industry's best for tattoo removal/lightening and at a fraction of the cost you would pay with a Dermatologist. This tool can lighten your tattoo and give you great results with your cover-up tattoo. If you are tired of looking at that old tattoo then set up a consultation appointment with NYARTMAN today! He will be happy to go over your piece, review your options and discuss your budget.

The follow is an example of a black tribal tattoo that was lighten by laser therapy and then covered with a new tattoo by NYARTMAN.  You can see an enlarged version of Frank's tattoo in NYARTMAN's Cover ups and Touch ups gallery.  Also be sure to read Frank V.'s and other client's testimonials.